Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back to Botswana

Today we've had a meeting with the Model UN team. It was the first meeting after the break, because we couldn't make it last week. Therefore, we had a lot to catch up with! This meeting was very releasing. The event is getting closer and it feels we won't have enough time to prepare ourselves. However, we are very lucky to have Dr. Weinstein guiding us. He knows every detail about the Model UN program and he is doing a great job making us feel comfortable with it. We couldn't meet with Dr. Bedi today, but he is putting a lot of effort as well and we all know how passionate he is about the whole thing. Today's session was dedicated to introduce what is going to happen from now on.

The most important thing to know is that Dr. Bedi and Dr. Weinstein are both very well organized, which means we will have enough meetings to get ready. Among the upcoming sessions, we will have to work a lot to learn about the country, their policies, the background and especially about resolution writing, vocabulary and go into detail with the topics on each committee. Besides the hard work, we will also have some hours dedicated to train in public speaking, which I'm quite excited about. I have done public speaking before, but never in such a context and using a language that is not my mother tongue. Moreover, we will have a couple of sessions dedicated to do a simulation. Each of us will be assigned a country arbitrary and will have to use placards to debate, just as we would do in the real Model UN. I think this is what will help us the most. Finally, Botswana mission in NYC is, obviously, not very big. However, we are going to try to contact them and if possible we will meet with them, which would be amazing! 

We are going to organize the committees hopefully by next week. I will post about the topics in each committee here soon. I honestly don't know which one I prefer yet, so I will wait until next meeting and see how we arrange it. We are not in a hurry, but we can't stop. Soon we will have to send to the organization of the event our position papers, stating what's our point of view as a country for every committee. It seems like it was yesterday when Dr. Bedi told us about the Model UN for the first time, and here we are now getting ready for it! The Model UN NYC will take place from the 17th to the 21st of April. Which means that we have exactly 3 months! It doesn't look that much far away, does it? 

I must say that even though it feels like a lot of work and pressure, hearing all the experiences that Dr. Weinstein has been telling makes me feel very motivated. I need to do some extra work besides from my regular subjects at school, but I do get to learn a lot, I get a whole new experience and for sure I'm going to have fun. I'll post any new information regarding the Model UN as soon as I get it. If you happen to be a Berkeley College student and you are interested, you should definitely come to the meetings. I'm afraid the team is pretty much formed, but you can still be part of it coming to the meetings, supporting, etc. I can say it's being a very positive experience so far!

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