Friday, January 28, 2011

A Snowstorm Won't Change My Mood!

This week we've had quite a big snowstorm in the city. It was Wednesday night when it started and the following morning the streets of NYC were completely covered in white. I used to love snow. Maybe because in Barcelona it almost never happens and if by any chance it snows, it never stays for many hours. When I was a child, I was amazed by snow. Last year, since I was living in Tallinn (Estonia), I had snow for months. I actually enjoyed it, because it was the first time I was living in a snowy place. Moreover, in these countries from Northern Europe, they are really prepared for it. Even if it was very cold, I enjoyed the snow a lot. 

However, I come to New York City and I can't say it anymore. In fact, I don't like snow! Yes, the city looks pretty while the trees and the roofs look white... but the streets are all messed up, the public transport won't work properly, classes will be cancelled... such a chaos for few inches of snow! The worse part is that since it's not that cold and at some parts of the day we are over the freezing point, the snow slowly melts down. When it melts down it's really gross. Crossing the street is such an adventure, every block is surrounded by snow and a lot of water. So be ready to get your feet completely wet if you don't have a pair of these fancy rain boots! 

For those who like winter, this might be fine. But for those who are like me and need sunny and t-shirt days, let me tell you something: don't let the weather control your mood! It might sound silly but I really think the weather affects people a lot. It affects different people in different ways, of course. I think it affects me to some extent, until I become aware of it and change my mind. It's not impossible to do, just have a little bit of sense of humor and think it's easy to overcome. 

I've been reading a lot about because I find it very interesting. I started wondering about physical things that affect your mind after one of my classes of The Mind and Body (my elective class for this quarter). We talk a lot about the chemicals and physical things that control your mood and your thoughts. I'm very interested in how the climate and the sunshine affect the chemicals in our brains that make us feel one way or another. I've lived in places with very different climates, and maybe this is one of the reasons why people are different in every country (of course I'm not excluding culture, background, ect.). I found a short video that gives a lot of interesting facts about these "Seasonal Affective Disorders". Moreover it gives some advice about what to do in these winter days when you're feeling down for no reason.

One more reason to be happy, it's Friday! Another week is gone, which next one is week 5! We are reaching the middle of the quarter, it's going even faster than the previous one. In fact, I must choose my courses for the Spring quarter by Monday, because the registration is already opened. Therefore, the sunny days will be back sooner than we all expect, I'm sure. Until then, try to enjoy as much as possible regardless of any snowstorm! Have a happy weekend! 

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