Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Good UN Delegate

In yesterday's Model UN meeting we got great news from Dr. Weinstein and went one step forward on becoming a well prepared delegate. It was only a few of us due to the weather conditions, hopefully we'll be able to meet with the whole group next week. The good news is that Dr. Weinstein contacted Botswana's mission, the real one in New York City, and they seemed to be ok with us meeting them! Now Professor Bedi will need to send a formal letter, because this is how these things work, and I hope we will receive an answer soon. 

Becoming a delegate in the Model UN for the first time might seem really difficult. At least that's how I saw it a few months ago. However, there are many sources out there to get ready for it and once you see everything it doesn't look that much complicated (I'm not saying it's easy anyway!). The website that is providing more help for delegates in my opinion is I talked about it before, when we got assigned the committees, because they have great guides for each of them. Nevertheless, they have tips, backgrounds, resources and all kinds of help to get ready for the event. For those who missed the session, it's time to start looking at all the material we have there and for those who wonder if they should join the team for the next season, I would suggest you to have a look at everything you get and you will feel more confident about it. 

There is a section called "Tips for preparation" that is very interesting and even if you are not participating you might want to have a look at it. I'm sure it will encourage people to join the program! It's from the website cited above (see it here). In the introduction it explains how useful the Delegate Preparation Guides are:

"How to Prepare
The key to being a successful NMUN delegation, and a quality overall conference, is thorough preparation. The NMUN Delegate Preparation Guide is an excellent resource. Although specifically prepared for the NMUN-NY conference, delegates participating in any of NMUN’s conferences will benefit from the suggestions for researching:

• The structure and history of the United Nations
• Your assigned member state
• Research your committee
• Your role in the committee
• Your agenda topics beyond what is written in the background guides
This research will help you prepare your position paper outlining your member state’s policies towards the agenda topics."

After overviewing the material we have to work on, Dr. Weinstein gave us some new vocabulary to use during the event. I think it's important for us to work on it because, first of all, we are all international students and English is not our native language, and then because we want to behave properly in front of everyone! For example, how do we address to the chair? That would be "Honorable chair"! We need to feel confident in speaking, that's why we need to train our public speaking skills and our vocabulary. Because we will have a time limit since there are so many countries participating. Apparently, the maximum time we will get is 90 seconds, so we really need to be able to fit in such short time all the ideas we want to be heard by the others.

Now that my research on the African Development Bank committee has already started, I will be writing about it soon. However, I'm still in midterms period and first thing first, there's time for everything after all! I wish you good luck if you are in the same situation, have a great weekend!

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