Friday, February 18, 2011

Run, José, Run!

Good news: the weather is finally getting better in the city! It's not that nice yet, but it's changing gradually. Today is has been great, sunny and warm. New York is a city that allows you to have a very healthy life if you want to, but there are too many temptations to forget about that lifestyle. The sunny day was the perfect excuse to go running. I used to do that in summer, but stopped as soon as the cold season started. I went running once during winter and I didn't felt that was a safe thing to do. However, today I woke up full of energy and decided to go back on track! 

At the beginning I felt like if I was a grandfather, just breathless! But then somehow my energy came back and I was able to run  longer than I expected. I usually go running by the Hudson River in the lower west side of Manhattan. There's a very nice walk in that area (I do from West St. and Chambers St. up) and when the weather is nice you see nothing but people doing exercise, running, cycling, etc. I guess the atmosphere is what keeps me going. Good weather gives me positive thoughts, but seeing so many other people doing the same also contributes. Another good place to run is Central Park, which I will save for later, when the weather really allows me to get up there.

There are many ways in NYC to do exercise. I've done yoga a couple of times in two different places, and both of them are great. This discipline is very popular here and I'd like to talk about a yoga studio that offers a really cheap way to practice it in the city. It's called Do Yoga Do Pilates, and it's located in Tribeca. You can check it here (

"Yoga and pilates lovers can now do 'downward-dog' and 'the hundred' for hundreds less, thanks to Do Yoga Do Pilates, a new donation-based studio situated at 78 Reade St. between Broadway and Church in the heart of Tribeca."
As it's said in their mission statement, Do Yoga Do Pilates is a donation-based studio, which means there is no fixed fee for the classes. They have a suggested donation of $12 (which isn't that bad for New York), but everyone is free to pay more or less. I have gone to other donation-based studios and I was really happy with that. There are usually more people than in a regular studio, but you save a lot and the atmosphere is always good. This one offers different classes everyday, weekends included. You can check the class schedule in their website and the exact address is 78 Reade St. (between Broadway and Church). 

It's amazing how the city comes alive when the weather is warm. The restaurants opened their terraces for the first time in months. It was nice to walk around the village and see people hanging out outside. Some time ago I blogged about the effects of bad weather, well now I see the opposite effects with the good weather and I liked it. I feel a lot more energy and I am genuinely happy that the spring is really close! Can you believe on Monday we start week 8 already? If times keeps going by so quickly, I see myself wearing flip flops before I can even notice. I hope you all felt the positive vibe of the sun and enjoy this long weekend we have!

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  1. I completely agree, Jose. The city really does come alive when the weather is nice. There's something about the air that makes a simple walk in the park exhilirating. Thanks for the info about the yoga studio too, I definitely plan on looking into it.