Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Honorable Chair and Fellow Delegates

That’s the words I’m hearing the most these days. We’re right in the middle of the National Model United Nations. So far, so good! It’s being a fantastic experience, even though we are all quite exhausted. Today we had sessions from 9 in the morning to 11 at night. We spent the whole day at the Sheraton hotel coming up with solutions and initiatives to different international issues.

In the African Development Bank (AfDB), my committee, we are still working on the resolution to the topic of fostering clean water supply and sanitation. We had two more topics in the agenda, but I’m afraid we will not get to all of them. The water issue is extremely important and urgent, and there are many things to do. Exploring and researching this topic has given me a new point of view and has made me really aware of how important water is for everything: survival, economy, culture, etc. There are so many aspects related that the resolutions are getting really complex.
My partner and I have decided to collaborate on a working paper with many other countries (member and non-member countries) that focuses on decentralizing to give local governments more decision power regarding the water supply and sanitation. The idea is that every nation needs different solutions, therefore it is not possible to come up with an idea that works evenly for the whole continent. Another focus is education, we want to foster new education programs regarding hygiene, water usage and awareness of water related diseases for schools. Moreover, we stress the necessity of skilled workforce in the continent so that they can maintain the infrastructures. Our main goal is to help them help themselves, we want Africa to be independent. For that purpose, it is necessary to think on long term solutions, and education of skilled people to be able to manage their own resources is an essential part.

Today we had a meal with the whole team. I remind you that we are divided in six different committees; therefore we barely meet during the sessions time. The school invited us to a meal at a Turkish restaurant close to the Sheraton. It was a very good idea, because then we had time to exchange our impressions and see how the overall team is doing. It seems that everyone is having a great experience, but it is very different for each of us. Every committee works in a different manner, and it's very interesting to hear how all of them proceed. 

Tomorrow will be a very important day. In our committee, the deadline to present the draft resolutions is tomorrow noon. Which means that tonight and tomorrow morning we will have to work hard on merging papers, finding signatories etc. By the end of the day tomorrow, we are supposed to have the resolution of at least the first topic in the agenda. Seeing that the whole process took that long, I don't think we will pass the first topic. However, I don't think we wasted any minute because this topic really needs a lot of attention. After tomorrow, on Thursday, we will have the final sessions in the actual United Nations. I'm so excited to go there! We will have the closing ceremony there as well. This week is passing by so fast, because we spend the whole day here and the hours fly. Time for me to finally have a rest now, I hope you're all doing great! See you soon!

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    mi nombre es Eva y te escribo desde Mallorca. Hace unas semanas vi una entrada tuya en un foro de Nueva York en la que informabas acerca de tu blog y en la que animabas a que te planteáramos cualquier cuestión que tuviéramos. La cosa es que me encantaría poder plantearte esas dudillas que tengo (con respecto a Nueva York), pero sé que por aquí no es lo ideal. Por ello, te dejo mi email (evahenares@hotmail.com) para que te puedas poner en contacto conmigo (si todavía sigues interesado en resolver algunas dudas sobre la ciudad que tan bien conoces! jeje).

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