Saturday, June 4, 2011

Above It All

At the 230 Fifth rooftop
This summer weather makes me so happy! I love the atmosphere in the city when it is so nice outside. It seems to me that people are happier, everyone's out and there are much more outdoors activities going on. I couldn't wait anymore for the city to be like that, what a long winter we had! There's something I love doing in New York when it's as warm as it is today: going to rooftop places! I love feeling "above" Manhattan. As long as it's high, the views are amazing no matter where. Many buildings in Manhattan have rooftops opened for their residents. We all know how expensive housing in this island is, but having a rooftop lounge in your own building often "makes it worth the money." However, what happens with those who aren't so lucky to have that in the building? No worries! There are a few places in the city where you will enjoy the same pleasure without paying for a crazy expensive rent. I have selected three rooftop places to hang out that I have visited and, of course, loved!

Sky Room views
The Sky Room is located in Times Square (40th Street, between 8th ave and 9th ave). It occupies 2 floors, the 33rd and 34th of a new building in West Midtown. As it says on their website "the bi-level ultra lounge transports guests to a high energy oasis atop 40th Street and offers five distinct spaces: the Times Square Lounge, the Cube balcony, the Private Salon, the North terrace with its retractable roof, and the South Terrace with its private cabanas." Honestly, all the spaces are really cool. The views are very nice, you feel surrounded by Skyscrapers, even though the buildings around are much higher. I would recommend it for a snack in the evening (before 7pm) in the weekdays, to enjoy the "Happy Hour" menu. Since it's a bit pricey, this menu makes the prices similar to a regular bar. Check the place at , they have amazing pictures!

Sky Room (this roof is now removed)
Let's move to the East side of Midtown Manhattan. The second place I can talk about is Bookmark. This one is very convenient for Berkeley students! If you're +21 and you happen to take classes in the Midtown Manhattan campus, you should definitely give it a chance. It's within one block from the school, in Madisson Avenue and 42nd Street. It's a very cosy place and it's usually not that crowded. It's only on the 14th floor, so it's not very high. However, the views are still great and the atmosphere is excellent. It's a very relaxing place, it almost feels like being in a living room or in your own terrace. Even though it's a rooftop and the terrace is very nice, I'd say I prefer staying inside, their lounge is great! Plus all the doors to the terrace are opened, which makes it feel like it's outside too.

Finally, let me tell you about my favorite one so far. It's called 230 Fifth and it's an outdoor rooftop bar, club and restaurant, all in one! The location can't be better, because the views to the Empire State Building are unbeatable. It's located in 230 Fifth Avenue (easy to remember!). It has two levels, an indoor lounge/club and the rooftop terrace, which is amazing. The indoor space is very nice, but once you step out you find a great terrace full of palm trees and the Empire State building right in front of your eyes. It's opened even during the winter! If it's too cold (and it is), they provide robes to keep yourself warm, which feels very nice. You would expect a place like that to be crazy expensive, but it's actually even cheaper that many other clubs and bars since there's no cover charge. They also have restaurant service (which I never tried, but hopefully one day I will!) and at nights it turns into a great club to have a good time. I like the atmosphere there very much, and I always found nice people.

At the indoors space at 230 Fifth
You can check this last one at . I hope I gave you some ideas about where to hang out in the city when the weather is as nice as it is these days. It's so easy to love New York! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you soon!

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