Friday, June 10, 2011

The Spanish Omelette Night

Hey everyone! I just had a great homemade Spanish dinner with Andrea, a fellow Berkeley student from Barcelona, and I must share it with you, because it was delicious! We cooked Spanish potato omelet, what we call tortilla de patatas (not to confuse with the Mexican tortilla, a completely different thing). I'm going to tell you the usual recipe, how we did that, and some other versions of the same dish. I really hope you give it a try! 

For those who are hearing about this dish for the first time, the Spanish omelette or tortilla de patatas is just a thick egg omelette with fried potatoes and onion. There are many variations to that, some people like it without onions, with ham inside, with garlic, etc. However, the eggs, potatoes and, of course, olive oil are a must. There are also many ways to do it, I will tell you about some of them, but you can always be creative and do it your style!

What we used today for the omelet you can see in the picture (we ate one each, but they're actually quite big, so you could share one for two people if you're eating something else in addition to the omelette): 

  • 4 eggs
  • 3 big potatoes
  • 1 medium onion
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt 
  • Tons of love

Now, I'm sure there are many other better ways to do it, but this is how we made our omelette and the result was actually more than acceptable!
  1. Peal the potatoes and then cut them in small pieces, and do the same with the onion
  2. Fry the potatoes with olive oil for some minutes and then add the onions (you will need quite a lot of oil, but you can reuse it later to fry other stuff!) 
  3. Beat the eggs in a bowl while the potatoes and the onions are frying
  4. When the onions are done and the potatoes are soft (but not too brown), drain them and add them to the bowl with the eggs
  5. Mix everything and add some salt
  6. Have a good frying pan with a little bit of hot olive oil (you don't need too much) - tip: make sure the frying pan is good enough so that the omelette won't get stuckk to it when you want to turn it, or you'll cause a big mess!
  7. Put the mix in the pan and fry one side of the omelette
  8. Now the hard part! Use a big plate (make sure it's bigger than the pan) to turn the omelette, do it fast! 
  9. Now that you have the omelette with one side fried on the plate, put it back carefully in the pan to fry the other side
  10. Push the borders of the omelette to the bottom to make it look rounded... Done!

Some people like to eat it right after it's cooked, others wait until it cools down a little bit and some others even put it on the fridge to eat it cold. It's all about taste! It looks like a lot of work, but once you've done your first one, it will be easier. Moreover, you will develop your own technique, because there are many things you can change or add to it. For example, I just found a video made by a Spanish guy (Warning: if you laugh at his accent, you're banned from this blog, because he speaks like me!). He came up with a version of the Spanish omelette that takes only a couple of minutes, he changed the real potatoes for crisps! I never tried that, and I'm not sure how it will taste, but I think I'll try sometime... have a look at it if you want to make it quick!

This dish has something that makes me really happy. I don't know what it is, but I'm sure it has to do with the connections it has to my life back home. I'm very lucky that my parents are great cooks, and I've always had the best food at home. My father is a genius when it comes to Spanish omelettes; he does the best ones, no joke! I can't wait to be back and have some proper meals, which will actually be in a couple of weeks! I hope you guys give it a try, let me know about the results! Enjoy your weekend, and if you happen to be in New York, come tomorrow to the beach volleyball tournament organized by some of our fellow Berkeley students, at 1pm at the Hudson River Park - Pier 25, I hope to see you there!

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