Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sporting Life at the FIT Museum

Hey everyone! I hope you are all safe from the extremely hot weather we are having these days. Guess what! I'm so lucky that my AC unit broke yesterday... It had to be precisely now! My room has a big window, so I get a lot of sun, which makes my room feel like an oven if I don't turn the AC on. I've tried to spend the minimum amount of time in the room, but there's a long night in front of me and I should get my 8 hours of sleep. How can it still be so hot at when it's almost midnight?! It's amazing how I'm depending on technology here. It's very warm back home too, yet I never used AC at home. There we just open the windows a little bit and there's a nice cool breeze running through all the house. Here I open my window and there's only hot air coming in, like if a dragon was blowing from the window!

Enough "first world" problems for today, let me tell you what I really wanted to tell. Yesterday (before the AC tragedy started), I visited the FIT Museum with a friend, where they're having an exhibition called "Sporting Life" that will be there until November. The FIT defines the exhibition as follows:
"Clothing for sporting activities has often influenced fashion—and vice versa. “The fact that casual everyday clothing is called ‘sportswear’ in the apparel industry is a testament to how comprehensively the development of specialist sports clothing has shaped our ideas about clothing,” observes fashion writer Jennifer Craik.
Sporting Life explores this relationship between sportswear and fashion from the mid-19th century through the present. Featuring more than 100 garments, accessories, and textiles from the Museum’s permanent collection, the exhibition is organized thematically around styles associated with sailing, swimming, golfing, skating, motoring, and other sporting activities."
(You can check the whole thing here:

 As soon as we got in, the first thing we saw were three short female mannequins with weird costumes. We didn't know what they were for until we read the information. They were old swimming suits! The first thing we wondered: how did they manage to swim wearing all that?! Honestly, I couldn't understand it. It wasn't functional, neither beautiful (or maybe I'm too ignorant in the fashion field). I started imagining a crowded beach in Spain with women wearing those funny outfits, it would be hysterical in today's world! 

After this first impression, the museum got even better! We saw all kinds of outfits classified according to the sport and in chronological order. It's crazy how they changed! There are outfits for hunting, motorcycling, running, football, etc. However, I still thing the best part of the exhibition are the swimming suits. It's amazing how they have changed. Moreover, I saw some swimming outfits that I'd say they are from our decade, and they were from the 60's! It's clear that some trends won't stop coming back over the years. 

If you are interested in fashion (and I know many Berkeley students are majoring in that field!) you shouldn't miss that one. To make it even easier, it's FREE! Finally, just as a tip, don't take pictures if you don't want to make the security guy angry. He told me I couldn't take pictures after I had already taken a few... and I kept taking more because I wanted them in the blog! I hope you enjoy the exhibition if you have the chance to see it. Enjoy the week and, please, wish me luck with the AC tragedy! See you soon!  

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