Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Party Cruise!

Hi everyone! This is a post about fun, I'm showing you a lot of pictures because I want to share my experience at a cruise party which I loved! Yesterday was one of these days that make this experience so big for me. I had a great summer party cruise around the Hudson River. It was unbelievable! Sailing the river while having a great party with the skyline of Manhattan and the sunset! It doesn't get better than that! Wait... yes it does! We got the tickets for only $15!

We found the event at, a great place to find deals in Manhattan! We were told to be at the peer at 6:30pm, and so we did. When we arrived there was quite a lot of people, but it wasn't as crowded as we expected, because it was a weekday I guess. They check our tickets and boom, we're on a boat! The boat wasn't very big, it had a nice dance floor and bar and then a terrace in the upper level. 

The DJ was playing party music, mainstream tunes most of the time, which was fun. We had a drink and some food at the beginning and then we were ready to enjoy the night! The whole thing took about 4 hours, which might seem like a lot but it was actually very fast. The route was great as well. We departed from 25th Street east and went all the way to the west and then to the Statue of Liberty, which I had never seen that close. It was crazy beautiful!

There were also people from different websites taking pictures. This happens a lot in the events here in Manhattan. They take a picture of you to register in their website to check it. The photographers were professional so the pictures came out pretty nice. 

The only negative part, if anything, is that the boat moves so much! I almost got seasick, but that's a minor thing considering how much fun the whole event was. I really recommend doing it! You can check it out at the website of the cruise company:
As you can see it is possible to have some fun during the quarter, even though we almost in the finals week! Have a great day, see you soon Berkeley! 

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  1. That party cruise looks like fun! $15 for all that is almost unbelievable. You look good in those pictures guys.