Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Drinking Tourism in Lloret, Spain

Hey everyone! Today I woke up to find the city next to my hometown in the news. They were talking about a huge "battle" between hundreds of drunk tourists and the police. It's the second time this week that something like that happen and it makes me upset how people are destroying a beautiful place that used to be a lot of fun in a place where kids from all over the world come to drink until their own bodies stop them. 

That's how explains what happened a few days ago (link here):

"Los Mossos d’Esquadra, the Catalan police force, blocked streets off in the resort on Spain’s northeastern Mediterranean coast in a bid to disperse around 400 tourists in the early hours of Monday morning.
But the drunken tourists refused to move on from the main avenue where many of the resorts nightclubs are concentrated and instead turned on police, throwing bottles, uprooting street furniture, and vandalising shops.
Rubbish bins were overturned and a police car set on fire.
Police were forced to fire rubber bullets into the crowd, a spokesman for the force said, after “the crowd showed hostility towards the police”.
Local reports said the crowds comprised different nationalities but the troublemakers appeared to be mainly Italian and French."
 These riots were all over the news in Spain. Nevertheless, today the same story was repeated. Last night the police had to "fight" against more drunken tourists, because they couldn't get to one of the clubs. That club had to be closed because the AC system wasn't working, and you can imagine the consequences with such a weather. However, tourists refused to go to another club and started throwing all kinds of things to the police forces again.  

According to the last news released in "El Periódico" (a newspaper from Spain), the Mayor of the city of Lloret has announced thatthe law must improve to protect the citizens. They don't want to tolerate this kind of behavior anymore. Moreover, the police forces have supervised all the clubs and the police "setup" in the area to prevent from new disturbances. I hope all these measures will work and Lloret will be that pretty town again no matter day or night.

As I said, I used to go a lot to Lloret when I was still living in my hometown. I went a couple times this summer and I was so disappointed. It's really sad to see what this city has become. I don't know what the solution might be, because all those tourists are also an essential part of the economy of Lloret. However, walking around the city center at night during the summer feels really unsafe. I understand they are young people (I would say something between 16 and 24) and they want to have fun, but the sad thing is that riots, violence and excesses with alcohol seem to be their way of having fun. 

Drink responsibly! You should know our lives are much more valuable than a couple of cocktails... I hope you're enjoying the week, and see you soon! 

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