Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashion's Night Out 2011

Hey everyone! How did you enjoy Fashion's Night Out last night? I had been all day walking around, so I was pretty tired at night. One of my roommates and I decided to go to Union Square, which is close to where we live, and see what was going on around there. It turns out that there wasn't much going on there (or at least not that we could see), so we decided to continue walking for a bit until we found anything interesting. Well, that "little walk" took us all the way from the East Village to Times Square!

Union Square 9/8/2011

The first event we found was actually a women's perfume store... I know, what are two guys doing there? It was fun! To be honest, I don't think anyone was buying anything there. They were just having a reception with music, food and drinks. However, we obviously didn't fit that much there, so decided to keep walking. We walked until Madison Square Park, where there was a huge screen and people gathered there to watch the US Open, which sounds like fun for tennis fans! 

FNO at Fresh

Since we were already there, we thought it wouldn't be that hard to get to Herald Square (around 34th Street), and so we did. 34th Street between 5th Avenue and Fashion Avenue felt like a party in the middle of the street. Most of the stores had DJ's and even bands playing live. Some of them also had loud speakers in the street, so you could hear the party from the outside. Levis store had an open bar and some shows going on. We missed the shows, because we got there too late, but the store looked like a bar anyways!

FNO at Desigual

After 34th, we thought Times Square wouldn't be that far... so we walked all the way up to 46th Street and 7th Avenue to see what was going on on the last minutes of the FNO 2011. To be honest, there wasn't much going on around Times Square. Some stores had cool activities like American Eagle, where you could take a professional picture and then they would put it on the huge billboards outside. However, I would say there were more things in last year's edition. Perhaps I felt so because I didn't go to the same places, but I ended up enjoying it anyway! 

FNO at Forever 21, Times Square

I hope you guys have fun, enjoy the weekend!

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