Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome to the Fall Quarter!

Hey everyone! First of all I'm sorry I didn't update the blog last week, but I'm back on track from today! The reason I didn't have time to write is because my best friends from home were here visiting, as I mentioned before, and we had such a blast! We didn't stop doing things, and that's why I didn't had the time to sit and write a post. They were here for only one week, and I wanted to show them everything I know from the city! After over a year living here... trust me, it's a lot! 

However, since we have done so many things, now I have a lot of new stuff to share with you guys. So I will be using all that blog material soon, I took many pictures, videos and info from everywhere thinking that it would be nice to share it with you. Nevertheless, the reason I'm writing today is just to welcome you guys to the new quarter! How are the new classes going? I'm excited for mine, even though some of them are quite challenging. Anyways, since I took the summer quarter of, I'm full of energy now to accept the challenge!

Last Friday I went to school to attend the international orientation for new students, and I was really impressed by how many new faces arrived! There are people from everywhere, and that makes our college experience even more enriching. When I was looking at all their faces I could see myself one year ago. I remember perfectly those first days, with that mix of feelings I had.

The only advice I could give students was to break all the barriers that keep them away from opening to new experiences. Go to all the activities and speak to people. When I arrived I was quite shy and a bit afraid of my English, but as soon as you overcome all those fears, the experience becomes much more fun. People are really friendly over here and as you could see at the orientation, there are many people in the exact same situation.

With that, let me announce an event they posted on the Facebook page for international students for Friday:

International Student Happy Hour: 

All international students are invited to meet for happy hour at O'Casey's 22 E 41st street

-Everyone will first meet at the International Division (14th floor)
-Jacob will bring everyone to the bar
-Pay on your own
-Must be 21 or older with ID to drink alcohol

For information, contact Jacob Dyer at
Link here: . I hope to see you there!

You can contact me at for any comment, question or suggestion.

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