Friday, October 7, 2011


Hey everyone! How was your week? Mine has been an interesting one. It's been my first week as an intern at, and I need to get used to combine both, the internship and my classes. I've already learned a lot, which was the main objective! 

I'm going to talk about food today. Many people ask me what I usually eat in New York. There's this little myth going on in many places that says we only eat burgers. Moreover, many of them think that a burger means Mc Donald's "burger". However, there are plenty of places here where you can get delicious burgers at affordable prices. I'm not going to get on how healthy or unhealthy they are, lets leave cholesterol issues for another blog! I'm going to tell you my favorite burgers in New York. I've been testing a couple places here and there, and here's my top affordable American burgers so far:

Five Guys

This is by far my favorite burger! Five Guys is a chain that has been rated one of the best burger places by Zagat and the reviews are always positive. You can get a burger for about $7 and you can add any toppings you want. My best combination is cheeseburger with grilled onions, tomatoes, lettuce, mushrooms and ketchup. The fries are really good too and you get free peanuts. Oh dear, I'm hungry! You can check out the website for menus and locations here: link.

BLT Burger

The second place goes for BLT Burger! BLT has many other restaurants (BLT Steak, BLT Fish...), but those burgers are awesome. It's a bit more pricey than the previous one, you might spend $15-20 on a meal. However, the restaurant is quite cool as well. While Five Guys just looks like a fast food place, BLT has a cool dining area where you might want to spend more time. You can check prices and locations here: link.

Shake Shack

The third one goes to Shake Shack. That's the place to go when you feel like having a burger and don't have much time. I'd say it's a "cool" Mc Donald's. Burgers are quite small, but they are delicious! They have great combinations and prices are quite cheap as well. You can sit there, although it's usually very crowded and it might be hard to get a table. Visit the website here: link.

Now that I have written about burgers, I feel like I can't say I'm eating healthy anymore. Well, I am! The truth is that I find the food options in this city much more healthy than in many other places I have been to. In fact, I would say it is easier to find healthy food at an affordable price here than in Barcelona. However, a burger feels nice from time to time, and even more if it's coming from one of those three places! Let me go for dinner now and you guys enjoy your weekend!

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