Wednesday, November 9, 2011

One Year as a Berkeley Blogger

Hey everyone! A few days ago I realized that by this week one year ago I started this blog. I started going back and reading old posts and wow... a lot has happened in just one year!

First of all I must thank Berkeley for giving me the opportunity to share this experience here. I love writing and I must say at first this was a big challenge for me, because I'm not a native English speaker. Also, I have received positive feedback, which has made me feel really good about it. Finally, and most of all, thank YOU for reading my blog!

There's an online feature where you can see a world map that shades the countries where people are reading the blog from. I'm very surprised to see that there are countries from all the continents reading and that makes me very happy! Just to give you an example, this is the map with the countries where it's being read the most for the last weeks, the greener ones are the ones with more readership. Hi to everyone out there!

Now let me "rescue" some of the articles that have been read the most during these whole year or the ones that I keep reading because they bring me back great memories. I usually try to write about my own experiences just as much as I try to give information that can be useful for other students. I think keeping the balance between both kind of posts helps me keep the blog useful but also personal. These are the blogs I wrote about anything that has to do with being an international student that have been read the most and some of them have also been featured in other sites:
Now let's get to the more personal ones. One of the best things of writing a blog is that you can always go back and read what happened before. There are many things I'm sure I would forget if I hadn't written them. In fact, the highlights of the past 12 months are all concentrated here:

The first big adventure came around thanksgiving, when I left the USA to visit Istanbul in Turkey. It was such a great trip! Trip to Istanbul

Another big experience was my birthday, when my friend decided we should go skydiving. Why not?! Such a great day! I'm sure I will never forget how it felt to jump out of a plane... Shy's the Limit.

The Model UN program I participated in last year was also one of the biggest experiences. We spent a long time preparing for it and we really enjoyed the experience. It was very enriching and I can't tell you how much I learned... National Model United Nations 2011 and General Assembly Hall.

As the school year got closer to the end, I got a visit from Estonia, the country I lived right before moving to NYC. Those days were great as well and these posts make me smile every time I read them. The summer party cruise one is also one of the most read posts in this page! Looks like people like fun! Summer Party Cruise and Row Boats at Central Park.

Finally, the summer arrived and I took the quarter off to go back to my life in Spain for a while, I'm Leaving Today. It was such a great summer! I went back to my hometown, Blanes and I also traveled around Sardinia with my friends Reunion in Alghero and Mini Cruise around Sardinia

The summer went by really quick, and soon enough I was back in NYC! Hey New York! I'm Back. I must say I'm having an awesome time this year. I love where I live, my roommates are just awesome, I'm enjoying my internship and school is still going well. What else can I ask for?! There have been great moments so far since I'm back, especially when my friends from Spain came visit! Oh, and there's also time for fun: Halloween 2011. I'm sure there will be many more memories this year as well.

Again, thanks a lot for reading! I hope you're having a great week!


  1. Wow! Congratulations, Jose!
    That's a huge number of readers indeed!
    Hi to you back!:)

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