Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Walk around 5th Av

Hey everyone! How are you doing? Today during my break between classes at Berkeley, Lisa and I went to have a walk around 5th Avenue. It has changed a lot since last time I walked around that area! Mostly, because they're already setting up all the Christmas things.

There's something I wanted to share with you guys, because I really surprised me. We were walking close to the Rockefeller block and saw a countdown projected on the facade of a building. There were some people waiting there to see what would happen when the countdown finished, and so did we.

I took a video so I could show it here:

I had never seen anything like that before! How cool is that! Well, maybe you've seen it already and I'm just acting like a child, but I find it crazy! If you want to see it, it runs every 15 minutes on the facade of the building right by Saint Patrick's Cathedral (5th Avenue with 50th Street.)

After that, we went to the Rockefeller Center and they were already setting up the stage for the Christmas Tree Lighting show which will take place tomorrow night. It's quite a big deal in NYC and it sets the start of the Holiday season for the city. I'll blog about it on my next post, don't you worry! But after having seen how crazy it was last year, I'll just watch it from home this time. Trust me, it's quite crazy!

Even though the city is getting colder and colder, I really enjoy walking around the streets of New York around this time of the year. The Christmas stuff makes it look really pretty and it reminds me that in a couple weeks I'll be flying back to Barcelona to see my family and friends!

I hope you guys are having a good week! See you soon!

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  1. Wow!! Moving pictures projected on the facade are really crazy! Wow.