Monday, December 19, 2011

Back in Spain for Christmas

Hey everyone! Ah it feels good to write from my room. I mean my room from home, the room I had when I was 15, and when I was 12... Well, it has changed a lot ever since, but it always feels good to come back here.

The journey from NYC to Blanes was quite awful. But it's all worth it! I didn't sleep much my last night in the city and I got quite sick. It's just a winter cold, but it's really annoying to get on a flight with that.

My friend and fellow Berkeley student, Andrea, who is also from Barcelona, got the same flight so we could take it together. It's great to have a friend on the plane, otherwise it gets really boring. Also it's great to share a cab from Manhattan with someone, since it makes it much cheaper! Anyways, let me tell you, flying sick is not that pleasant. Fortunately, the flight was on time and everything was ok. However, I could not sleep a minute on the plane, which means I skipped a night.

That's why I am feeling exhausted now. However, I'm on my own bed now and this feels really good. I'm also very happy to be with my family again, so I'll have time to rest and get better. And yes, most of all, I'll have time to eat the food I miss so much when I'm in New York!

It's funny that every time I land in Barcelona I have the same thoughts. My life in New York feels like a joke. I'm back in the town were I grew up and everything looks just as it was when I left. I know it might sound creepy, but it's like if I've been living in a different dimension while this place was on "pause" mode. I think it's a good thing though, because I would feel really weird if I came back and everything was different.

This is how the sea looks like from my town right now!

I'm really grateful that I can live that experience. When I say it feels like a joke it's because I had dreamed about it for a very long time before I got the opportunity. When I'm there I usually don't have time to think how awesome it is, but when I come back here I realize that this is what I wanted, and it's an amazing feeling!

Now it's time for me to go eat some good stuff and have a great rest in this comfy bed to be healthy and ready to enjoy my holidays in my country with my people. For those traveling, I wish you a safe journey and hope that everyone is enjoying the Christmas break! See you soon!

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