Saturday, December 31, 2011

The End of 2011

Hey everyone! Today is the last day of 2011! I left Spain this morning (or last night depending on where you are!) and I got back to New York a few hours ago. This is going to be a very special New Year's, since it's the first time I spend it abroad. Even though I have been away from home for a while now, I had always stayed there for New Year's Eve.

Even though my holidays in Spain have been very short, I have enjoyed a lot and I am excited to be here for such a special day. At this point, this city means much more than just a city to me, and even though it's always sad to leave home, I always feel a rush of adrenaline when I land in JFK and I hope I'll never lose it.

I'm not the kind of guy who makes New Year's resolutions, because if I need to change anything, I don't need to wait to the last day of the year to think about it! But I do like making a little balance at the end of the year and be grateful for everything that has happened so far.

To be honest with you, this has been one of the most exciting years of my life, and I'm happy I've been sharing big part of it here in this blog. I can't complain about any of my years, especially the last ones when I started living abroad and many of my dreams came true.

I have many memories from 2011, and I know I will always remember them. I have kept in touch with all the people I love and I have far away, and I have made new friends that are just like a family for me now. I have experienced a lot of great things at Berkeley College, which makes me be very happy of the decision of choosing this school for my education.

I can only say good things, because it would be too rude of me to complain. As cheesy as it sounds, I promise you I used to dream about the life I have now and sometimes it's hard to believe that I'm here, doing what I like and enjoying more than I thought I would.

Sunset in my hometown
These last days in Spain I truly realized how lucky I am. I bumped into many people in my hometown and they asked me about my experience here. I could only say good things and I think they noticed how my face lit up when I spoke about it. I also see my family happy with what I'm doing here, and that makes me feel really well because I couldn't do anything without their support.

I don't know if I deserve to be that happy when I know there's so many people struggling, but I am just going to be very grateful about it. These are not good times concerning economy, specially in my continent and in my country, and I am aware that many people would give anything to do what I'm doing but they don't have the chance.

For those people, I just wish they fight for it! There's always ways to do things and, even though you have to be patient, working hard always pays off.

I thank everyone who made this year as good as it has been and I wish you all an even better 2012!! It's going to be an amazing year, I'm very confident about that. Thanks a lot for reading my blog, and enjoy your parties!!

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  1. This one is Great! Thank you for the inspiration!..

    Happy New Year, José!