Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to Set up a Christmas Tree

Hey everyone! First of all, let me tell you this was a fun post to write. Why? Because I'm about to tell you how my boys and I have just set up a fantastic and surprisingly pretty Christmas tree. This is actually my particular way of telling you the holidays are very close!

This was a tough weekend considering that tomorrow we start finals at Berkeley. However, a little break is always needed. When? Friday night... wait, Saturday at 3:30am. Yes. That's when we decided it was about time to get a Christmas tree. I don't know at what time those people stop selling trees, but I swear it was 3:30 am when the picture bellow was taken!

Let me break it down in 7 easy steps on "how to set up a Christmas tree from scratch when you're a student in NYC and live with two other guys"
  • Step 1 - Go out and get a real tree 
Getting a tree at 3:30am with my roommates
An artifficial would be fine too, but then you don't get the smell. We tried to bargain a little bit. Luckily, the kind man who sold us the tree spoke Spanish, which is a big plus when it comes to getting discounts. We got a very nice looking tree for $30, which is what a small one usually costs.
  • Step 2 - Decide the location

Here's the thing. The tree was quite big considering the size of our lounge. Also, we have all our stuff set up in a way that doesn't contemplate any tree during the rest of the year. We moved the couch, the table and the light; and finally got enough space for our tree to be seen but not disturb. Hence how happy we look. This picture above was taken around 4am I believe... so that was it for the night. Went to sleep and woke up with the lounge smelling like Christmas!
  • Step 3 - Go out (again) and get the decorations

That was the worst part. It was cold, and we couldn't find what we wanted anywhere! We had a clear idea of the colors and the stuff we wanted. In fact, Danny was obsessed with getting silver tinsel just as much as I was with getting candle-color lights. We ended up at Kmart, where they actually have a whole floor dedicated to Christmas stuff! It saved us.
  • Step 4 - Set up the lights

200 led lights shining around our tree. It's not as easy at it seems! Be careful not to break the branches of the tree...
  • Step 5 - Wrap the tinsel around the tree

Not much to explain. We decided to mix silver and blue. Yeah, we're that sophisticated!
  • Step 6 - Hang the balls around the tree

We matched the colors of the balls with the tinsel. Don't say it doesn't look classy!
  • Step 7 - Set the star at the top

Finally, the moment of the star. And yes, it is also matching the colors.

There you go! Here's the result of all the hard work which was finally worth it. Ok, I must say the three of us are maybe too proud of this little Christmas masterpiece, but hey... we're going to send the picture to Mr. Rockefeller for next year!

I don't know how I can be in such a good mood on Sunday night right before my exams start... I guess it's the effect of the Christmas music we've been listening to lately! I hope everyone had a great weekend and wish you the best with your finals. See you soon!

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