Friday, December 23, 2011

Lightning Reaction Reloaded

Hey everyone! First of all, I want to wish all of you a merry Christmas! I can't wait for tomorrow's dinner for Christmas eve... Only thinking about it makes me feel hungry!

I've been visiting my friends in Barcelona, and this time they shocked me. They literally shocked me! Let me explain. They got a game named "Lightning Reaction Reloaded" and it's nuts! I love this thing!! I can't wait to get one myself. Instead of trying to explain how it actually works, because it's quite bizarre, let me show you a video that will make it easier:

So, that's what I played last night. That freaking music is stuck in my head! It makes it so intense! I can't say it doesn't hurt, and I can't even tell you where you can find it, because it's obviously not the best "toy" for kids to play. However, I have found it online and the price ranges from 20 to 30 dollars. I'm not suggesting you get it... Just saying!

This is the one we played with!
I was surprised to see their game at my friends' place, because I had already seen it before. I've mentioned a few times that I watch "Charlieissocoollike" on Youtube quite often, and he made a video with this game a few months ago. I thought it was very silly to shock yourself to have some fun, but it was fun to watch others (like himself) doing it! However, there I was last night doing the same thing! Kids... See the video I'm talking about here:

I can't deny I enjoyed this game and that I'm planning on getting one myself. Maybe I should use it to release some stress between classes when I go back to Berkeley for the Winter quarter, shouldn't I? Don't worry, I'm just kidding!

Now it's time for me to go help my parents prepare tomorrow's dinner! I will make sure I get pictures to remember that dinner when I find myself in times of Ramen noodles in New York!

Again, merry Christmas to everyone and I wish you the best for these holidays! See you soon!

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