Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rockefeller Tree Lighting

Hey everyone! It's already December! Am I the only one who thinks that this is the year that has passed by the fastest? Last post I talked about how Christmas was taking over 5th Avenue. Well, last night the Tree Lighting show took place at Rockefeller Center, kicking off the holidays season.

Last year I was also here for the event. However, I didn't get to see it because it was really crowded. There were people there waiting to see the show for several hours, and I wasn't going to do that anyway. I remember we went to see it one day after with some friends from the New Yorker Hotel, as you can see in this picture.

The reason why I love the Rockefeller tree so much is because of that scene in Home Alone 2. Yeah, that was one of my favorite movies of my entire childhood if not the most! I was three years old when the movie came out, and twenty years after I still enjoy watching it, so you can imagine. Here's a reminder of the movie I'm talking about:

Back to the Tree Lighting show. They usually have a lot of popular singers singing cheesy Christmas songs that I'm sure we all secretly like listening to at some point during this time of the year. This time, there have been many of them. Here's an example with one of the most famous teen popstars in America, Justin Bieber, and another superstar, Usher, singing The Christmas Song.

After the performances, they finally light the tree. It's actually quite a long ceremony to hit the lights on! Here's how it went:

I recommend you guys to go see it now that the crowd is gone. It's not as big as I expected from TV, but it's pretty impressive! Plus that area is full of Christmas lights, decorations, and anything that has to do with the holidays season. Let me recommend you to grab a cupcake from Magnolia on the way! Perfect combination.

Have a great day! See you soon!

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