Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Walking Around Blanes

Hey everyone! How's the Christmas break going? I'm feeling much better now and finally enjoying this peaceful time of the year. I walked a lot today around Blanes, my hometown. I was hanging out with my brother, trying to find a gift for his Secret Santa party and we found a Christmas market in the center of the town. I'm going to share some of it with you!

I had forgotten about it, but I used to go there every year when I was a child. It's the same kind of market as the one in Bryant Park, but it's also very different. It's different because it has traditional stuff from Catalonia, the region where I live. It has also changed a lot along the years.

As a kid, we used to go there with friends and it was a tradition to throw raw eggs and that funny foam spray to the other children. It was obviously really annoying for the people who was trying to sell stuff and for the adults that wanted to visit the market, so they started banning those games. I also messed up a lot of jackets with that spray and the eggs... it was a nightmare for my mother! When they started banning it, they weren't really strict, so the kids would still do it and run away from the police (it only made it more fun for them, to be honest). Eventually, they got a lot tougher and no one dares to do that again, which is really convenient for the town!

These funny logs you see in the picture above are our equivalent to Santa. It's called "Tió" and this is how kids get presents over here at Christmas. I wrote about it last year, and if you're curious you can check it out here: link.

This picture above shows some of the most delicious parts of my country. We call it "embotit" in Catalan, but I can't find the exact word in English. Probably, the closest one is "sausage", but it doesn't really convince me! We cut very thin slices and eat it with bread (we toast the bread and spread raw tomato and olive oil on it). You can't imagine how much I was missing those!

Finally we also had time for some homemade sweets. We eat a lot of nougat for Christmas, and we have many varieties of it. It's the best thing to eat after a filling dinner! Sounds healthy, doesn't it? (And yes, I was being ironic.) Oh well, I'll have time to go back to the gym once I get back to the city. For now, let me enjoy the pleasures of Christmas in my country!

I hope you're enjoying your time wherever you are! See you soon!

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