Sunday, January 29, 2012

New York Has A Price

Hey everyone! Today was a regular Sunday until I started getting more messages from back home than usual. It turns out that they were airing the show I participated in a few months ago about New York (you can see that post here.) Fortunately, technology allowed me to watch it live, so I got to see myself on TV! I must say I felt quite uncomfortable, even though I was only on for a few minutes... I didn't like hearing my voice, and I'm not used to see myself on screen beyond pictures! However, it was pretty cool that my family and my friends got to see me showing the city, so it wasn't that bad.

The show is called "Nueva York Tiene un Precio" (which means: New York has a price) and it's from the series "Callejeros Viajeros" in Cuatro TV. It's a show about traveling. I really like it, and that's why I was happy to participate. They had been in NYC several times before, but they had a new approach this time. They were comparing two different ways of visiting the city: the expensive way vs. the low cost.

If you understand Spanish, I recommend you to watch it if you're planning on coming to New York. They gave nice tips and showed cool places that can be interesting for you. It is available online here: Or you can also watch it on Youtube:

In the show, the reporters meet with Spanish people that live in New York, so that we take them to places and talk about the city. I showed them Bryant Park, where we ice skated for a little bit... I never thought I would end up doing that on TV!

After Bryant Park I took them around NYC on a touristic bus, from which we saw the most popular touristic attractions of Manhattan. Once we got back to Times Square, I showed them three different ways of purchasing a ticket for a Broadway show. We went to see Mary Poppins with a regular ticket booked online, one from TKTS and a student discount one for me. It was nice to see the comparison between those three.

I think they did a good job, they showed some expensive things like flying on a helicopter above the city, an omelet that costs $1,000... and then cheap stuff such as bars with $1 beer, or free museums. This city has so many contrasts!

Enjoy the last minutes of weekend and see you soon!

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  1. I watched it online as well.
    Jose, you were great! :)
    And all the information provided through the show is really useful. Thanks!:)

  2. Love the phasing of the video and the music. It's fascinating how you guys squeeze in all the info. Great job!

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