Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Very International Happy Hour

Hey everyone! Here I am one more weekend enjoying life. How was your Friday? I got to hang out again with friends from school. Many international students at Berkeley know what I mean when I say Happy Hour!

Many pubs in New York do happy hour offers somewhere between 4pm and 9pm (the hours vary in each place.) This makes it a lot easier to go out, considering how expensive the city is. Many people go with their colleagues after work to have a drink and hang out before home, especially on Fridays.

We went first to The Ginger Man, which is located on 36th Street between Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue. Very cool place! It's big, so it makes it easier for large groups of people. It also has a cool vibe and it was nice on Friday night. I also had dinner there, and it wasn't bad at all. You can check out the place here:

After a while, we decided to go to a different place. We went to Havana NY, where we had gone the last time we had an international happy hour. The offers there are from 3pm to 7pm, and they are really good! By the time we got there, the happy hour was already over... but we were already happy so it didn't make a difference! You can check this place here: This one is on 38th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues.

Finally, we moved on to one more place! These people have a lot of energy... We walked down a little bit and got to Pranna, which is a very cool lounge on Madison Avenue at 28th Street. This place is also a restaurant during the day, but I never saw it like that. I really liked it there, it's not as overwhelming as a club but you can still have a good time with friends without destroying your ears. Here's the link for more information:

Honestly, I didn't stay much in the last one because having started so early I was already tired. However, we did have a great time! And, of course, the best part is to hang out with such amazing people coming from such different places around the world. It is also great how I keep meeting new people every time I attend this kind of events. Now let's enjoy the weekend, have a good one!


  1. lol there is no me on the picture!

  2. where were you man?! haha I should have a couple more picture, I'll upload them so that you appear! :P