Sunday, January 8, 2012

Where Is the Snow?

Regular temperature in Tallinn, Estonia. -20ºC!!
Hey everyone! It's funny how I spent half winter last year complaining about how annoying the snow was in NYC and I just caught myself being angry at the weather because we haven't got any snow yet!

This is my third year away from Spain, and the third winter I spend in a place where it's actually cold enough to snow. The first time I lived in a place where there was snow was Estonia. The city of Tallinn was just beautiful in white, plus, trust me, those people are ready for the snow.

At some point we had -22F degrees! (-30 in Celcius.) That was a beautiful time anyways. Very cold indeed, but I used to wear proper winter stuff (and when I say "winter stuff" I mean snowboarding equipment.) Moreover, we would spend most of the time in cafes, at home with friends or in any warm indoor place.

Beautiful old town in Tallinn

New York is different with the snow. It's very pretty at the beginning, when it's falling and everything looks white. However, in a few days it becomes quite gross to be honest with you. It starts melting down and getting really dirty, and you step on it thinking it's still ice... and boom! You're shoes end up messed up and sometimes even the bottom of your pants.

Laying on a frozen lake (Peipsi) between Russia and Estonia, 2010
It can also accumulate in the walk sides and become a very annoying obstacle. You might have to walk, and walk, and walk to find the way out of a block. And usually the way out is all flooded with that dirty melted snow that will make you want to leave to Hawaii!

My street last year in SoHo
Finally, some facilities close. Classes might get cancelled. Public transport stops working. Some professors are unable to make it to school... But in the end, everything gets back to normal.

Nevertheless, here I am. Looking at the weather forecast and hoping for the snow to come. After all, maybe what I've heard about winter in New York is true. It's not a real winter if it's not white. So far, the Christmas holidays didn't get any snow, and interestingly enough, the last time I saw snow was on the Halloween weekend.

Global warming? Who knows, but I would appreciate some snow before the winter is over. There are still a couple more months to go! For now, let's just enjoy the fact that we can still walk around the city without too many complications.

Have a good one and see you soon!

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