Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Chocolate Love Story at Max Brenner

Hey everyone! How are you doing? This has been a great week. I had a friend from Spain visiting in the city, which was great. It was also the midterms week, so it was nice to have fun and hang out around the city after those. Today I'm going to make a very delicious recommendation: Max Brenner restaurant at Union Square. First of all, I must confess I am a huge lover of chocolate... It makes me very happy!

I had talked about this amazing chocolate before, since they have a stand in the Christmas market at Bryant Park, however, this time I finally went to the actual restaurant. Oh how I loved it! I had been inside before, but never got to sit, because it's usually very crowded and there are long lines. However, my friend and I were lucky enough to find a free table when we got there.

Once you get in, you can already feel the chocolate everywhere. You see it, you smell it... and it won't take you too long to taste it! There's a deposit of melted chocolate at the entrance, and then pipes distributing the chocolate to the bar and the kitchen that you can see around the place. I must say I wanted to jump inside that deposit so badly!

My favorite chocolate is the "Italian thick hot chocolate." There's a choice of dark, milk or white chocolate, and I always go for milk. We just had a cup of that. Even the cups are cool. They are designed by Max Brenner as well, and they have this shape that makes you hold it with both hands while the chocolate is warm. He thought of everything! They're also a very popular souvenir from the store (which is also inside the restaurant.)

I also recommend the fondue... It looks to good to be true. They'll bring you melted chocolate with a little candle underneath to keep it warm and then a selection of fruit and sweet stuff... They also bring marshmallows and a little fire. They are amazing with the chocolate!

The store and the bar have a lot of curiosities. One thing that caught my eye was the chocolate pizza! How bizarre, yet how delicious it sounds! I have never tried it, because I'm too blinded by the Italian chocolate I mentioned... but I might give it a try sometime soon!

I hope you guys had a great week, and if you're ever around Union Square and try this place, let me know what you think! See you soon!


  1. That one really cheered me up! I mean it.:)
    Thanks, Jose!

    P.S.: and the pictures... Oh my God!:)))