Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time for Picnic in NYC

Hey everyone! How is your week going? Now that the nice weather is finally here (hopefully to stay) it's time to step outside and see what's going on around the city. Even though this is a concrete jungle, there are many beautiful parks around Manhattan. I love all of them. Here's a little review from my favorite ones to hang out!

Washington Square Park

I used to live very close to this one. I think people around the area are what make this park so cool. I've always end up meeting interesting people there. Moreover, the area is full of great places to eat, bars and cafes. It's not the biggest one, but you should definitely walk around Washington Square Park on a sunny day! More info: website.


Tompkings Park

This is the park at Alphabet City and I hang out around there a lot, since it's just a few steps from my current apartment. The East Village has a lot to offer, and this is one of those parks with a lot of activities all the time. In fact, I remember going there for the first time to hear a live jazz concert. More information here.


Union Square

This one is usually more crowded than the last two I mentioned, however it's just as awesome as those. There's everything around it: theaters, shopping places, restaurants, bars... and it's right in the middle of the city. One of the thinks I like the most is the markets they set up there on the weekends. They have fresh food and artsy stuff. Website: link.



I also wanted to mention the High Line Park, which is the newest one in the city; and Bryant Park, where I have most of my lunch breaks during the week. I actually dedicated full posts for both of them, so here's a recap:

High Line Park: link

Bryant Park: link

Of course, Central Park is the big guy of the parks in NYC. However, that's like a city itself! Every time I go around there I find new ways and places I had never seen before. Just a warning, it's very easy to get lost! Relax and keep walking. I would not recommend getting lost around there during the night time though.

I hope you guys are enjoying the spring! See you soon!

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