Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hoboken in a Sunny Sunday

Hey everyone! I think I can't be happier than this. Have you been outside around New York this weekend?! It really felt like summer, and I was missing this feeling a lot. It's been really warm and sunny for the whole weekend and I couldn't resist spending time outside my house.

Look how it looked from the walk in the riverside I have right around the corner of my place (picture below these lines.) I went down there with a book and just let myself be amazed by the "July" feeling in the middle of May. There were people jogging, sun bathing and even fishing... just like being at the beach, except I was actually in the East Village riverside.

That was my Saturday afternoon. Then Sunday came, and it was just as beautiful outside. I decided to leave Manhattan to enjoy the day! Let me share with you a perfect and very cheap plan for a sunny Sunday.

There are many parks around Manhattan. However, you don't get to see Manhattan... obviously because you're in it! Nevertheless, there's a great alternative to that: Hoboken. It is a few minutes away from Manhattan, and have a look at the views you see from the park:

I took this picture from the park. There's a nice walk by the riverside and there's also a big green lane to lay down and relax. To get there you just need to take the Path train (leaving from Herald Square) and get off at Hoboken, each way $1.70. The neighborhood is really nice to walk around. There are nice terraces to have lunch (which I actually did) and it feels great to be in such relaxing place after the hustle and bustle of the city.

I recommend you to visit Carlos Bakery, which is very close to the park. They always have a line of people waiting outside the store, that should tell you how delicious it is! I usually get a box of things that will make me fat and happy, and bring it to the park. My personal suggestion: lobster tails and chocolate canoli.

Graphic representation of happiness.
I hope you guys had a nice weekend as well. Not only did I get a little tan, but I'm also ready to face another week in this crazy place with a very nice energy! Have a good one and see you soon!

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