Friday, May 4, 2012

They Come and Go

Hey everyone! How is everything going? Last night I had a farewell party to say goodbye to a friend, Andrea, who is moving back home. We've known each other since the very first week I moved to New York City two years ago, and that's why it feels weird that she won't be here anymore.

However, if you want to live in this city you need to be ready for that, for people coming and going. Most of the people I know in the city aren't planning on staying here forever. Which means that many of them come for studies, work, internship or spending sometime away from where they are.

Andrea and her last NYC subway ride as a New Yorker

Honestly, I think I am getting used to it. After a few years living abroad, I got used to enjoy people when they are around and to understand that I can't keep everyone I would like by my side forever. However, it's always sad to say goodbye after having lived so much together.

The good thing is that we are in 2012 and technology lets us be closer than ever to anyone no matter where you're at. Even though it's not the same, it helps a lot. I can't imagine my life without keeping in touch with the good friends I've made in this twenty something years old journey.

I wish all the best to my friend Andrea, talented dancer, chef and a great person. I'm sure she'll be happy in this new phase of her life. For the ones staying, let's keep it moving!

Have a good one and see you soon!

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