Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hola! Back in Spain

Hey everyone! How is it going? I made it home safe and I'm already in my hometown Blanes. It feels so weird to be back here, in a positive way, of course! There are many things happening in NY, then I come back here and I feel like everything remains as it was before I left. It's great that coming back home means coming back to the life I left behind that flight.

I had quite a pleasant flight. I flew with Delta Airlines this time, and it was direct flight JFK-Barcelona. Of course, I had a creepy flight mate sitting next to my assigned seat. Oh well, the movie scene of bumping into the love of your life on a plane doesn't really happen. I wonder if they find me creepy too! Anyways, I got to watch a few movies and slept through the rest of the flight.

Coming from America to Europe is not the best thing for your body if you suffer jet lag. I do, and it's quite annoying. I left New York at 7:30pm, and 8 hours later, I land in Barcelona and ta-daa it's 10am. That means you miss one night, and your body will make sure you get your punishment for that.

I'm getting ready to wake up randomly at night starving or falling asleep during the day. However, I can take as many naps as I wish, since I'm finally on holidays! The first thing I did once I got to my town, besides from greeting and having an awesome home made meal, was walking around my town, Blanes. How beautiful it is during this time of the year!

As you may see, the contrast between Manhattan and this beautiful little beach town is quite huge! Honestly, I'm sure I will start missing the hustle and bustle of the big apple pretty soon, but now I'm very happy to be here! Look who seems to be happy to have me here as well. OK, he doesn't look happy in the pictures, but I promise he is.

This guy is Jacky, and even though he still looks young, he's already an old man... Not as energetic as I remembered him, but still the cutest dog! I wish I knew what he thinks, but it's awesome how he remembers me no matter how long I'm away. I really wonder what goes through his head when he sees me after such a long time!

I think the dinner is ready, even though I feel like I just woke up! I better don't miss that anyways. Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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