Friday, June 22, 2012

Living Below the Line Challenge

Hey everyone! How is it going? This week I have been reading about a challenge that Nicole Luthman, Coordinator for Student Development & Campus Life at Berkeley College's NYC Campus, has experienced along with other staff members from the school. She has been sharing the experience through Berkeley Cares blog. It has made me think a lot and it's worth sharing it with you.

Here's what the challenge is about:

Berkeley Students and staff at the NYC Campus are participating in the "Live Below the Line Challenge" with The Global Poverty Project this week!

Thousands of Americans chose to Live Below the Line this May for five days, in order to raise both awareness and critical funds, for the 1.4 billion people who live below the extreme poverty line every day.  Participants consumed less than $1.50 per day for all food and drink. This challenge is uniquely inclusive because it involves an activity that all people perform daily: eating and drinking.

Why $1.50? $1.50 is the U.S. equivalent of the extreme poverty line - a line that no one wants to fall below. The reason? To provide a unique perspective into the lives of 1.4 billion people living in the world's poorest countries who have no choice but to use $1.50 to cover all expenses. While completing the challenge, YOU, our friends and family can sponsor us in supporting the Global Poverty Projects initiative.
This challenge will take place for 5 days, from June 11-15, 2012. We will have to stretch $7.50 of food for the entire week, or $1.50 a day.

As interesting as it sounds, you can see how Nicole managed to keep up with having meals for one whole day with only $1.50! Here are the links for each day of the challenge:

It made me think a lot because there's so many people who can't actually chose to experience this challenge, but they have to. Living in Manhattan is very expensive, and I actually considered a $10 meal to be the standard price for a daily lunch. I know many people spend much more.

I hope you find it interesting as well. Congratulations to all the ones who completed the challenge, and special thanks to Nicole for sharing the experience with us!

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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