Saturday, June 23, 2012

Naming Ceremony: Larry L. Luing School of Business

Hey everyone! As I told you in one of my previous posts, last week we had the ceremony for the naming of the Larry L. Luing School of Business at Berkeley College. I shared some of my experience at the city and at school and I wanted to share it here as well. It answers many of the questions I usually get, like why I chose to study in NYC and Berkeley College or what it feels like to be an international student in Manhattan...

Cutting the ribbon.

Studying in New York was one of my biggest dreams since I was a teenager. I would watch movies and TV shows that took place in the city and always pictured myself living where there. When I turned eighteen I traveled to the Big Apple to study English for one summer. During those weeks, I got to know Berkeley College and there was something about it that caught my attention. When I got back to my home country, Spain, I did everything I could to find a way to move to New York City and get my education.

A few years later here I am, waking up every morning to go to Berkeley. Is studying in New York like I dreamed it would be? Honestly, it has been even better than what I expected. I have enjoyed every bit of it. This is my second year in the city. I came here to earn a Bachelor’s degree in International Business. The reason why I chose New York City and Berkeley College is because I wanted to be in an international and diverse environment.

Travelling has always been my biggest passion. I love learning about new cultures and seeing the world from different perspectives. In fact, before moving to New York I had travelled to many countries and lived in Estonia for one whole year. At Berkeley College, I get to experience all that without moving from Manhattan. I get to talk to people from every corner of the world on a daily basis. I’ve made friends from countries that I didn’t even know existed.

I came by myself, which was as scary and exciting at the beginning. However, I started making friends as soon as I arrived. At school I found a lot of young people in the same situation as me, feeling as thrilled and enthusiastic as I was to be in New York. When I arrived I thought adapting to an American college would be a big challenge. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that big of a deal. Berkeley College made my transition very smooth. I was very impressed to see how close professors are to students.

The classes are reduced, so they get to know you. That was the biggest point for me to move from a huge university in Barcelona, where I felt like I was just a number, to Berkeley. I have learnt a lot from the faculty at the School of Business. I’ve had professors from very different backgrounds. I’ve learnt a lot, not only from the concepts covered in the courses, but also from the life experiences they share with students.

Being an international student in New York has given me a lot of opportunities that I never thought I would have, and it goes far beyond the classrooms. I’ve had exciting internships in real companies based in the city. I have also participated in many events. I even took part in a program at the United Nations, where I got to represent a country with a team of students from Berkeley College in front of an audience of elite students from all over the world. I would have never imagined I would be sitting at the General Assembly Hall in the United Nations, which was a big dream come true. 

                     José A. Tavares (Board of Trustees), Dean Dallas Reed and me at the ceremony. 
I have already been here for several quarters, and I feel just as thrilled and excited as I felt the first day I moved to New York and started at Berkeley. Besides from getting a degree, this experience is being really enriching not only for my career, but also at a personal level. The sense of community that I feel at Berkeley has allowed me to make a lot of connections, friendships and it has made me feel like I’m home in New York City. The more I learn, the more things I want to do in the future. I’m not sure about what direction I’m going to take yet, but I’m very confident that the professional and personal skills I’m acquiring at Berkeley will help me build the career I want in my future.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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