Friday, June 1, 2012

One Week Closer

Hey everyone! How is everything going? I always thought spring quarter was the quickest one, and I'm having the same feeling again this time. It seems like it was yesterday when I was enjoying my spring break and here I am now, already planing my summer and worrying about the finals!

This has been a short but intense week. Short because we got Monday off, which was awesome! And intense because the finals are close, papers are due and summer plans start popping in my head. Moreover, the academic year is over in many schools and some friends are already leaving, which never feels good no matter how used I am to this.

One of those leaving was my almost-brother and roommate Danny, who will be gone for a while. So the three of us went out as a goodbye thing around Alphabet City. It was pouring outside, but I guess a Scottish friend leaving is more important getting wet!

Besides from work and goodbyes, there's also been sometime for fun. It was my friend's birthday, so we had dinner at Max Brenner with a few Berkeley friends to celebrate Lisa's day. I can't describe how good their deserts are... just do yourself a favor and go try it!

We ended the night hanging out at a friend's rooftop. It's always nice to enjoy the city above it all and even nicer with them, of course. The views are amazing! This tower glowing in the skyline is actually the World Trade center, which just got higher than the Empire State building and, therefore, it is the new tallest building of the city.

All in all, the weekend started very well. I hope you guys had a great week! We are one week closer to the end of this quarter... scary and exciting at the same time! Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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