Friday, July 20, 2012

Back to New York City!

Hey everyone! Here I am, back in the city to start my third year in the big apple. How exciting! I didn't have the greatest welcome to the city, since I come from a sunny beach town to this stormy weather, but it feels good to be back anyways! I've missed you New York!

I crossed many time zones again, and my body already noticed it. The day has been so dark and grey so I felt like it was constantly 9pm since I landed at noon! I'm expecting to fall asleep quite early and wake up randomly in the middle of the night craving for breakfast. Everything under control!

I'm also tired because I didn't get to sleep last night in Spain. I had to leave for the airport too early, the sun wasn't even up yet. So I spent the night finishing packing and saying goodbye to my house. Once in the airport, I got picked for a random control. I had never heard of it! They called me and other 10 passengers to go to the gate and then they took us to another room where they checked me thoroughly. It was highly uncomfortable :D but I guess it's all for our security, and it's not like I had a choice.

I flew with Delta, as I usually do, and it was a 9 hour direct flight. 9 hours of torture. I thought I loved kids, but I'm not that sure anymore. I had to sit in one of those 4 seat rows. Thank God I got the seat by the aisle. I had a couple by my side and they were holding a baby. Moms and dads of the world, think it twice before taking your babies to a plane! Poor creature, it wasn't his fault and he was actually really cute. But he didn't stop crying, screaming, kicking everything, vomiting and if this wasn't enough, his parents spilt wine all over the place twice. Awesome parenting!

Well, enough complaining, everything goes away when I start seeing Manhattan's skyline through the windows of the taxi! Finally back in my room, unpacking and getting myself comfortable again. Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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