Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kat Edmonson, Live at Roots & Rock Sessions

Hey everyone! Today I have been at the last Roots & Rock Sessions at Peter Cooper Village, and I saw Kat Edmonson performing. I am so glad I went, because I enjoyed it so much and I love her music! She did an outstanding performance, just her voice and a guitar in the beautiful Oval Park. No need for more.

Kat Edmonson
"Edmonson a petite singer from Austin, Texas is also a return and a pioneer. Her intimate singing style and stage presence recalls the heyday of jazz - she has the expressiveness of Billie Holiday elegance of Ella Fitzgerald and the voice of Blossom Dearie." Link.
Here's a great music video from her record "Lucky", I hope you like it!

I like listening to her music. Her lyrics are very powerful. The melodies of her music are very calm and peaceful, which to me, accentuates even more the emotions written in the lyrics. Listening to her records at home is cool, but listening to her voice live was something different! She's really good and I'm happy I got to see her.

She sang songs from her last album "Way Down Low" which you can check out here: link. You can also find her music on Spotify. She also performed some new records that I really liked, but can't be found yet.

I hope you liked it! Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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