Sunday, July 1, 2012

La Roja Making History in Football

Hey everyone! So, today has been an awesome day for football fans in Spain. Not so much for Italy, but congratulations to both teams for making it to the final anyway! Yes, I'm talking about soccer, for those Americans who call "football" a game you play with your hands and a ball (just kidding, but seriously...) Today was the final of the Euro Cup 2012 and my country won!

Not that I am the biggest fan, and honestly wouldn't have cried much had we lost the game to be completely honest with you. However, it is always nice to see your country win and I actually was quite tense during the match! This was a 4-0 victory for La Roja (that's how we call our national team.) So at least the country got something to celebrate in such tough times.

I even got ready for the match, supporting it my way with the Spanish flag on my face.

I watched at a bar by the beach with some friends, which was the best part of it. Well, I have to get all greedy again and talk about food. Yes, you can't watch a game in Spain if you don't have a few tapas in front of you. To be completely patriotic, here are some tips:

Patatas bravas are a must! Here's what this is about:

To continue with the meal plan for the match, I ordered a fried calamari sandwitch. I hardly ever regret eating... but this time I wish I could go back so I wouldn't have eaten that thing. It looks good, but it messed up my stomach, to the point I couldn't even stay after the game to celebrate, because I hadn't gotten that sick in a very long time.

Even though that victory was quite bittersweet in my case, since after the 4-0 I went straight home to see if I could feel any better, I had a lot of fun watching the match. Also I had enough time on my way back to see how the streets of my town were. The semi finals, as I mentioned in a previous post, were already crazy. But this was insanity! Football/Soccer is really a religion for a big part of the population in my country... Oh well, I can't deny it was a lot of fun!

Now I'm actually feeling a bit recovered from that disastrous sandwitch, but that's something I won't eat again. I don't even want to hear about fried calamari right now!

I hope you enjoyed the match if you wanted, I'm proud of my country's team! Even though, to be honest, I'm going to get sick of seeing it all over again and again on every single channel on TV, newspaper, magazines... or even the topic of any neighbors' conversation at the beach.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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  1. Que envidia me das! Hasta ahora, porque tu estavas en ny mientras yo estava en españa muriendome de ganas de ir, y ahora porque tu estas en españa celebrando la final de la eurocopa y yo me he perdido el partido, y obviamente la celebracion, porque estaba viniendo a ny en ese momento. Que ironía no?! Ya es la segunda celebracion de españa que me pierdo por estar en ny jajaja aunque cabe decir que la primera la celebré en Columbus Circle con otros españoles así que cuenta un poco.