Thursday, July 26, 2012

Monster Storm in Manhattan

Hey everyone! Today there have been many warnings about a huge storm approaching New York. Well it was actually pretty big! You might have seen this picture that has become very popular in the social media:

It's amazing, and the sky did actually look like that. It's crazy to think that I was down there at that moment!! The credits to this picture are for the Twitter user @isardasorensen.

I woke up this morning and it was already raining. It wasn't that bad, especially while I remained in bed! This is what I saw from my window.

Now, the warnings continued all day long, however I thought something was wrong, because it was actually very sunny and really, really warm. Nevertheless, when the evening arrived, everything changed! Those monster clouds started covering the sky and it suddenly started raining like crazy.

For you to get an idea, this is how my window usually looks like these days in the evenings, at around 7pm:

Today, at the same time, this is how my window was:

Completely dark and the rain drops hitting the glass. There were a lot of thunders and it was pretty intense. As long as nothing bad occurs, I really love thunderstorms! 

I thought I would have to call it a night. However, in a few hours it stopped raining that hard and the sky started getting clearer, so I ended up going up to a rooftop and the views were amazing with the city so calmed after such a big thunderstorm!

It was really peaceful to look at the sky after all. I hope you were all safe! Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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