Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Myth: NYC = Junk Food

Hey everyone! Every time I come back to Spain, I get a lot of questions about life in New York, since it's a city full of stereotypes. One of the things I get asked the most is about eating habits in the city. There's this thing with New York and the thought that everyone eats in Mc Donald's every day.

Honestly, I have to say that New York offers a lot more healthy places to eat than many other cities I have seen before. Most of the times it is about the choices you make, and not what the city offers. However, I find it extremely easy to make healthy choices in New York when it comes to food.

One example is Chipotle. I eat there very often and yes, it's a fast food place, but it doesn't mean it's junk food. However, most of these places offer a big variety of meals and choosing the right things can make a huge difference. In this article I found, Michael Sinan explains how to make the healthiest choices at a place like Chipotle (link.)
"Chipotle can be extremely healthy if you know what you're getting. The quality of the food is high, but you can't stock up on all the ingredients like you may be used to. Keep it simple and you'll wish you had a Chipotle built into your house. 
I went through a period where I ate Chipotle almost everyday or every other day for several months and it definitely helped me shed a few pounds and feel better about my body, gastrointestinal health, etc... To be sure, I had not adjusted physical activity too much in the same period, so it was the Chipotle that really helped." 
To all those people who assume I'm only eating junk food, I always tell them that it's the place where I'm having the best eating habits from all the cities I have lived in. Moreover, I feel like the concept of healthy living is quite popular in NYC these days.

You can check out this cool Facebook page where New Yorkers share a lot of tips on how to eat healthy in such a crazy place.

Eating Healthy NYC: Welcome to Eating Healthy NYC, a service of the New York City Health Department, where New Yorkers are talking about healthy eating and active living. https://www.facebook.com/EatingHealthyNYC

Stay healthy, thanks for reading and see you soon!


  1. It offers many healthy choices, but they are not so healthy for your budget! Sodas cheaper than juice or even water, and fruit, don't make me start on fruit, they buy it in Mars or what?!
    I always think if I had more money I wouldn't spend it in luxury things and that stuff, I would eat well and don't feel bad for it.

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I personally try to avoid drinking sodas anyway, I'd rather have a glass of tap water. And I totally agree with the fruit! The prices are crazy. Lately I was getting it from a couple street carts, and it was actually cheaper than in the grocery store... you might want to try that out ;) Thanks for your comment! :)

  2. "Most of the times it is about the choices you make, and not what the city offers." Well said.