Sunday, July 29, 2012

Night Out at the Meatpacking

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Last night, even though the weather wasn't that nice (as it has been for the most part of the last few days), I went out to the Meatpacking district. 

The Meatpacking is a very interesting area, especially at night. You can find some of the most "exclusive" places to go out around there, and it's supposed to be a very trendy district. You might think that it must be very expensive... well, there are some tricks for smart people like you and I. 

Cover charges for clubs can be very expensive (especially if you're a guy, who usually pay more than girls in many clubs.) I recommend you to go online or talk to friends who know promoters. They will get you in for free in many places. Depending on what place and what day of the week it is, you can even get free drinks as well. 

I took this one while taking a break
and going to get a junk-food-midnight snack

Also, there are plenty of bars that have an awesome atmosphere and they don't charge any cover. The best you can do is to check it online and see what's good for the day you're going out. To throw some names there, here are some of the places that I've been to and I really enjoyed: Gas Light, Ajna Bar (great for food as well), Le Bain (this is the rooftop of the Standard Hotel, unbelievable views!) and Revel. They are all around the same area, which is along 9th Av. around 11th - 15th streets.

This is Ajna Bar inside.

They are quite picky, since it is quite a fancy area, so make sure you look nice! Usually, don't wear sneakers or sports clothes, if you're a guy you'll be safe wearing a shirt over a t-shirt. However, it really depends on what place you go, you'll have to find out!

It was a fun night, but the best part was the subway ride back home. I'll let you watch it, since I got to tape a little bit of it:


Since the stop at the Meatpacking (8th Avenue for the L train) is the beggining (or end) of the L train, you usually have to wait a little bit inside the train before it starts going. Last night, the guy you see in the video was cheering the whole place up singing popular songs and playing guitar.

This kind of moments are what makes me love this place so much! I went back home with a smile on my face and ready to get a nice rest.

I hope you had a nice weekend, thanks for reading and see you soon!

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