Monday, July 23, 2012

Otto, Italian Cuisine

Hey eveyrone! I went to n Italian restaurant and I have to recommend it because I really liked it! First of all, Italian cuisine is delicious... you know it, I know it and everyone knows it. But this place is much better than many others I've seen and the prices are great. Good for your mouth and good for your pocket!

I'm talking about Otto.
"Modeled to look like an Italian train station, OTTO, meaning "eight" in Italian, is located on the corner of 8th Street and Fifth Avenue, in the historic One Fifth Avenue building, just steps away from Washington Square Park."

This is a perfect Sunday dinner place. It's nice to walk around Washington Square Park and Greenwich village and then go for a nice meal. The place itself is nice, yes... bring your date there! 

I had some delicious bruchetta as appetizer and then delicious pasta carbonara. It was awesome and I definitely recommend it! If you ever go, check out the specials for the day, they're worth it. 

The food is so good because they have a great team behind the doors of the kitchen:
"OTTO is a classic Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich partnership. With their signature combination of thoughtful and memorable food, an intelligent wine list, and an emphasis on living life to its absolute fullest, Mario and Joe's distinctive touch is evident in OTTO's every detail."

You might have heard about Mario Batali if you're passionate about food. He's quite a personality!
"A Seattle-bred, New York-based restaurateur, cookbook author, and television personality, Mario Batali is known for his signature style — brazen meets sophisticated, forward meets enduring. He was named Man of the Year in the chef category by GQ Magazine in 1999."

For more information about the restaurant and menus, here's the link to their website.

I hope you get the chance to check it out yourselves! Thanks for reading and see you soon! 

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