Thursday, July 19, 2012

Packing Again!

Hey everyone! This is my last day in my hometown in Spain and won't come back around here for a while. Although I'm more than ready and excited for my third year in New York, at this point I always have a mix of feelings.

Blanes, Costa Brava
This time my stay in Spain has been a little shorter, only a few weeks. Enough to get a tan, but never enough to be with the loved ones. Anyways, those are always close somehow (cheesy!) These are not easy times for the Spanish economy. I had been reading it in the newspapers from the other side of the ocean, but it's always clearer when you live it here.

However, I wish people here will cheer up and keep fighting to get back in shape. Economy is economy, and there are cycles. But everyone needs to find motivation in life no matter what, there are many things worth living for besides from money, and no one should forget about that. I have a lot of faith that the economy will recover, even though it will take a while, but I hope people can still feel thankful for all we have in our country.

Having said that, now it's time to pack again! I'm very excited for this year. It sounds crazy to me that it's going to be the third one there. That means I'm closer to getting my bachelor. Even though that will be very exciting, it's also very scary! Challenge accepted.

It's going too quick, and there are still many things I want to do in the city before I leave. Maybe that's why I'm so motivated this time to not waste any of my time there.

Now back to finish with packing and goodbyes... I'm going to miss this place, the sea, the sun, THE FOOD, and of course the people I'm leaving here. I had a great stay and I thank everyone who was part of it!

Thanks for reading and see you soon! Next one from New York City!

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