Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer in NYC, Back to 2007

Hey everyone! Some of you have been sending me questions about English language schools in New York. Let me share my experience with one of those schools in New York city back in 2007. It was an amazing summer and I had a great time.

I came to study a summer course in English language at Embassy CES New York. Some of you have been asking about other schools, but this is the only one I have attended here. You can check information about it here: link. They have a lot of courses available. I remember that the first day we had a level test so that you get into the right class.

They also took care of the housing. I spent a few weekes at Manhattan School of Music dorm, which is right by Columbia University. It wasn't very close to the school, but the dorm was nice and the area too. After those weeks, I moved to Amsterdam Residence, which is also in the west side, but closer to the school.

This was Manhattan School of Music dorm

There are many people who come to New York for English courses, I recommend you to do some research on the different schools and see what fits best for you. I don't really like recommending schools or housing, because everyone looks for different things and what might work for me, might not work for others.

My roommate and I at Central Park, we're still good friends today!

Anyways, I must say that the best part is the actual experience of being in the city and meeting new people. I made good friends here and we had a blast. In the end, the most important part of the stay was what was happening after class!

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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